New Track Release | THE SUBLIME

M∆RO braced up to lift the lid to the first opus musica:

M∆RO breathed heavily as he wiped the sweat off his forehead, straightened himself up and took two steps back.

The sun was blazing on this beautiful June afternoon. M∆RO had to use his flat hand to shade his squinting eyes and actually see something.

There it was, M∆ROs magnum opus in its entirety – a real masterpiece. M∆RO felt great. Filled with pride, peace and contentness. 

In the same moment, the smogabord of feelings – induced by the pure sublimity of his achievement – suddenly flooding his entire body, were so overwhelming, that M∆RO uncontrollably bursted into a relieving mixture of crying and laughter.

MRO @ Social Media

On its long journeys, M∆RO found some really good places with so many nice people to talk to…

MRO is online

M∆RO is happy. Because M∆RO is online.
Now many, many people can listen to the peachy music, in which M∆RO put so much feelings ‘n’ stuff inside.