One day, a more old than young Sound Guy, who was constantly wondering, when exactly his worry-free dabbling in the shimmering sound- and music pond, turned into a rough, life-time devouring sea, filled with hungry sharks and a young, smart and charming Architectress with a Guitar and an intense, thrilling voice – hidden deep inside her, met, fell in love and merged symbiotically. 

Shortly afterwards a strange disturbance in the force happened, which – as it later transpired – led to their plunge in at the deep end of inner-relationship-music-production.

Their first clumsy, tentative steps into this exciting, but even so overwhelming new world, quickly evolved to a confident, effective yet emotionally fragile music-machine – constantly adopting new tools and workflows to painstakingly action-paint their – sometimes convoluted – feelings onto Multi-DAW-Canvases.

Some are feather-light, Some weigh a ton, 
Some make you wanna dance, Some leave you stunned, 
Some really are fun, Some push you close the edge, 
Some crawl up your spine, to nest at the back of your head.

Marlene & Saro – Partners in crime, life, love and music.

Deep & Playful Cinematic Electronica
from Stuttgart / Germany.