EP03: [mɪnt]

Siren Song | Prologue

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One | Prologue

Excited and full of juvenile recklessness, M∆RO turned the handle of the large, sturdy looking Metal-Door at the end of the extensive corridor in the basement of the Pandorum Company.
Ignoring the huge door-mounted sign, that unmistakably prohibited access for any trespassers, which fully applied to M∆RO.
The door unwillingly cleared the way with an unpleasant creaking noise, granting sight to …well – nothing.
The room was pitch-black, almost supernaturally dark. As if any light emitted from the flickering strip lights in the corridor was completely absorbed by it.

M∆RO slowly took one step into the room and groped around for a lightswitch on the left and right side of the entrance – without luck. M∆RO took his cellphone to use the display or the built-in flashlight to shed some light into darkness. But apparently the battery (had) died. “Pull yourself together! You can’t turn back now!” M∆RO reproved himself. “This must be the room, the weird old man was talking about. Here I will find all the answers and information about that…that incident” M∆RO encouraged himself. He tried to somehow accustom his eyes to darkness – but without success.

Driven by curiosity, M∆RO braced up and carefully proceeded further into the room. Suddenly, a familiar, harsh creaking sound from behind, cut through the dead silence, immediately followed by the deafening sound of the door slammed shut.
Now, the only reference point had submerged into darkness, as well. M∆RO stood there scared stiff, his heart in his mouth.
At that same moment a vibrant purple light flooded the whole room, repelling the ominous gloom and revealing the interior of a somehow generic archive room. As it seemed the salvaging shine was emitted from a computer screen in the corner to the right.

M∆RO approached the computer desk with caution and took a seat on the worn office chair in front of it. After his eyes had compensated the brightness, he looked at the dusty CRT-monitor that showed a huge purple Delta symbol on a black backdrop and below it read: “Do you want to know, M∆RO?” with a flashing underscore next to it. After a moment’s hesitation, M∆RO slowly typed Y-E-S with his index finger and pressed Enter…

Birthiversary | Prologue

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2War of Mine5:59
3Dance For Me7:41
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EP03: [mɪnt]