EP02: [ˈɹædɪkəl]

Waves of Pink Noise | Prologue

The weather was just right, with almost no clouds in the sky and only a gentle breeze whispering across the sandy shore that separated MAROs cozy residence from the endless blue.
MARO just stood there, eyes closed, steadily breathing and full of pleasant anticipation, as the vague noises from far grew louder, forming an awe-inspiring crescendo of sounds, expected to climax into the meaning of everything.
MARO put his head back, eyes still shut, while he eagerly spread its arms like wings to welcome the wildly onrushing salvation.

Just a second before the impact, MARO took a deep breath and immersed himself into the roaring Waves of Pink Noise.

Frankenbass | Prologue

Once upon a time, in a dark and boisterous age. In a town, shrouded in the darkness of a very dark and stormy night – midnight, to be exact – concealed deep down in the basement of a weather-worn house, which seemed to be devoured by the eerie shadows of the dark monstrous tree next to it.

Behind the heavy doors of a dar…. dimly lit laboratory, completely secluded from society, MARO – with his wild hair, dressed in a gray knit jersey and an oversized purple scientists coat, was desperately fiddling with a massive and wildly blinking machine – a Synth-e-Seizure, as it later transpired – trying to achieve the ultimate low frequency sonic experience, when out of nowhere lightning struck into the house’s two-headed weather-cock…

Birthiversary | Prologue

With the last of his strength, Maro unlocked the bulky front door to his small but cozy apartment on the beach. He tumbled through the hallway, while clumsily sloughing off his worn leather jacket, funny-patterned knit jersey and his beloved white mid-top sneakers that would have fallen apart already if he hadn’t carefully duct-taped them several times.
“Damn, that was one goddam bone-grinding day today at the factory…like an abstract nightmare”, Maro thought, “…with an unnecessary traumatic/sad ending. Why had this childish fuck Lester to make fun of my daily safety instructions rotine instead of simply following them like everybody else?!

Poor Sally and their two kids. Getting them all sated with a disability pension is nearly impossible”. Maro sighed. Meanwhile he had also added his grungy work pants and one of his socks to the trail of carelessness that marked his way to the kitchen, where he had just popped open a bottle of beer using the top edge of the fridge door.

He took a pull from his bottle, failed to suppress a burp and scuffed into the living room, where he skillfully slumped down onto the couch, while grabbing the remote from the table and turning on the TV. “Channel 12 Local News – Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This afternoon a terrible incident in the local steelworks suddenly interrupted our rural idyll. When Lester Barnaby got a straight answer on the question, to what disastrous consequences it could possibly lead, if you ignore the safety instructions from your shift supervisor. While performing a silly mimicry of the foreman’s instructions, his fire proximity suit got caught between the enormous gears of the newly installed, fully-automated heavy-duty metal forging machine. It’s only thanks to the lightning-fast reaction of his supervisor Maro ESK, who instantly jumped for the Panic Button, so the machine stopped right before Lester Barnaby’s shoulder.
Only a few minutes later, two men of the local fire department arrived at the accident scene, closely followed by an ambulance.

After relieving Mr. Barnaby from his pain with a shot of morphium, they cut him free from the machine’s fangs and treated the severe flesh wound with pressure dressings and liquid bandages, to stop the heavy bleeding. He was instantly brought to the Saint Christopher hospital, where he was put into an artificial coma. “Poor Lester! Today of all days, on his Birthiversary” Maro mumbled to himself, as he dozed off with exhaustion.

In the deep of night Maro woke up all baffled and dripping with sweat. Only fragmentary memories of a weird and confusing dream rushed through his head. Starring Lester with an impressive cybernetic arm prosthesis and his personal, very sarcastic AI named M4R0, celebrating his 40th birthday. Maro smiled to himself, swiped the drool off his left cheek and lurched to his bedroom.


1 Waves of Pink Noise 06:46

2 Frankenbass 11:17

3 Birthiversary 07:22

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EP02:  [ˈɹædɪkəl]