REWORKED: Pub Stories

REWORKED: Pub Stories by Book of Tunes

This release contains two different re-work approaches of the track ‘Pub Stories’ from the album ‘New Found Trails’ that was composed and recorded by our friend Volker Armbruster in 2020.

This track – or better – these tracks are not just target-group-specifc remixes of an Irish folk track. It’s rather a fusion of traditional Irish Folk Music and playful, modern Electronica, garnished with new dedicated lyrics and vocals, deep dramaturge and loads of intense yet playful sound design and a huge cinematic arrangement, full of unexpected twists.
All diced, spiced & fried and then tenderly arranged onto a richly adorned electronic platter served with a pint of Maroesk’s secret music brewing. A wild ride for mind, body and heart on Maroesk’s diverse, vibrant and mind-twisting fun ride of sonic curiosities that leave you up side down but happy.

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Pub Stories | Reworked

Dub Stories

Original Track

Original Credits:

Volker Armbruster (Book of Tunes)
Mandoline, Bouzuki, Guitar & Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Violine: Meike Katrin Stein
Banjo: Marius Kirsten

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